Successful Cases

Determined to become the mainstay of revitalizing the national logistics industry

Successful Cases

Determined to become the mainstay of revitalizing the national logistics industry

Cases of cooperation on hazardous chemicals
case of hazardous chemicals
Cases of integrated supply chain management services for shipment of hazardous chemicals

Raw material procurement and management;

Warehouse management: first-in first-out, batch number management, expiration date management, minimum safety stock alert

Circulation processing: labeling of goods, changing boxes, marking, assembling, repacking, etc;

Export trade: transferring finished products from the factory to the warehouse for packing and then to the port area for export;

Bonded warehouse: Goods are stored in a bonded warehouse after customs clearance, arrangements made for customs clearance of goods within delivery period, and complete domestic distribution;

National transportation and distribution: distribution services provided to online stores and distributors across the country;

Climate controlled storage and transportation: Provide constant temperature and refrigerated storage and transportation services;

Information systems: We officially switched our information system to SAP to improve inventory forecasting capabilities and the ability to interact with customers

IT systems: Beifang’s IT system is seamlessly integrated with the customer’s SAP system to shorten the order response time;

Emergency response teams: Beifang Logistics Group specifically train professional security personnel teams to form external; hazardous chemical emergency response teams that can be hired conduct safe and timely with hazardous chemical’s  leakage.

The service object


case of Specialty gases
Case of special gas product supply chain integration service

Storage product category: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Storage product properties: bonded and non-bonded gas

A series of operation requirements for various special gas products such as unloading, receiving, quality inspection, inventory, moving warehouse, weighing, shipping, loading, etc.;

Special gas cylinder rolling service;

Special gas labeling service;

Warehouse management services for various special gas products;

Replacement of wheel bottom frame service;

Cylinder packing service;

Special gas safety inspection;

Cylinder return service;

6S management and equipment & facility maintenance;

Inbound and outbound operations of the highly toxic chemicals management system of Shanghai Public Security Bureau;

Emergency treatment of special gas leakage