Successful Cases

Determined to become the mainstay of revitalizing the national logistics industry

Successful Cases

Determined to become the mainstay of revitalizing the national logistics industry

Other cases
case of auto parts
Automotive cases
Automobile logistics refers to the physical flow of raw materials, parts, complete vehicles, and after-sales accessories in various links in the automotive supply chain.

For automobile logistics, Beifang Group will start with production management;

Adopt a repetitive production model suitable for the automotive industry to manage the schedule of production operations;

And through this plan, the corresponding relationship between the vehicle model and the chassis number is automatically generated;

And use barcode as the information carrier to realize the automatic management of vehicle storage;

Improve management efficiency, fully share and follow up vehicle information;

In order to meet the rapid changes in the market for accurate and timely information, and to achieve the requirements of enterprises to reduce costs.

case of medicine
Medicine cases
With the deepening of the change of China's pharmaceutical circulation system, the pharmaceutical logistics business in China is gradually rising, but the management level and information level of the logistics system is still low.

Pharmaceutical production and circulation are different from ordinary products, and the logistics service requirements for pharmaceutical production and products are relatively high;

Regardless of production logistics and sales logistics, it is required to reduce operation links and reduce exposure and contamination

Carry out batch and single product management, follow-up management of product distribution, etc.;

Beifang Group is committed to formulating pharmaceutical logistics solutions that meet the logistics management needs of pharmaceutical production, sales, and distribution;

Based on the logistics business process, the supply, production and sales activities in the pharmaceutical supply chain are highly integrated;

Realize constant information sharing, greatly reduce inventory, and improve market response speed;

The obvious feature of the plan is the realization of logistics operations and full follow-up based on barcodes.