Determined to Become the Mainstay of Revitalizing the National Logistics Industry


Determined to Become the Mainstay of Revitalizing the National Logistics Industry

Beifang Group
A Logistics Benchmark Enterprise, Integrating Manufacturing and Commercial Circulation Services

Shanghai Beifang Logistics Group Co.,Ltd founded in 1989,is a large modern logistics enterprise integrating logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow. Relying on powerful resources and advanced technology, Beifang Group provides a complete supply chain (SCM) solution, driven by order information flow, which integrates material procurement and supply, processing, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation and distribution, freight forwarding and import and export declaration, as well as high-quality comprehensive multi-level third-party logistics (3PL) services for sea, land, air and railway.

  • 32 Years of Industry Experience
    Founded in 1989
  • Integrated Logistics
    Integrating Logistics, Business Flow, Information Flow, and Capital Flow.
  • One-Stop Supply Chain
    Logistics Procurement and Supply, Processing, Packaging, Loading & Unloading, Transportation and Distribution, Freight Forwarding, Import and Export Declaration
  • 3PL Service
    A third-party professional logistics service provider that provides a full range of services by Sea, Land, Air and Rail
Wide Distribution of Logistics Services Domestically and Overseas

Beifang Logistics Group has successively established Shanghai Beifang Storage and Transportation Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Beifang International Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Beifang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Shanghai Beifang Dangerous Goods Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Beifang Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd, Beifang Logistics Singapore Pte., Ltd. and Beifang Logistics Group Philippines Corporation. They respectively engage in material procurement, sales, commercial circulation processing, inspection, testing, packaging, logistics consulting, international freight forwarding, international multimodal transportation, international trade and trade agency, cargo storage and transportation, hazardous chemicals (including toxic goods, explosives, radioactive materials), storage and transportation, bonded and non-bonded storage and transportation, and provision of integrated supply chain management and operations.

People Oriented, Safety First
  • Vision
    corporate vision

    Determined to become the mainstay of revitalizing the national logistics industry

  • Mission
    Our Mission

    Close integration of corporate culture and social responsibility

  • Values
    Corporate values

    Customer demand is the pursuit of Beifang Group

  • Goal
    Enterprise's goal

    To provide customers with safe, fast and efficient logistics services, to practice the mission and vision of Beifang